Tales of Phantasia Cheats

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ChefAid20 PAR codes (use ZSnes 0.900 or later):1) P1 CUR.HP @ 99992) P2 CUR.HP @ 99993) P3 CUR.HP @ 99994) FOOD @ 22005) GOLD @ 99999996) P1 CUR.TP @ 9997) P2 CUR.TP @ 9998) P1 EXP.@ 40000009) P2 EXP.@ 400000010) P3 EXP.@ 4000000 Download Report
NFITC1 9999999 Gold; 4000000 exp for all four slots; 9999 HP, MHP and TP for all 4 slots, and .....NO RANDOM BATTLES!! Download Report
CaitSith2 Codes to allow access to hidden songs through the sound test. (Updated so you don't have to keep going into the cheat menu every time you wish to listen to a different hidden song.) Download Report