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Supplier Description Download Report
Cheese GG codes:1) Invincibility2) Mega jump3) Infinite time Download Report
1010101 PAR Codes:8 codes (See Readme) Download Report
esc0rtd3w - Infinite Lives (Mario/Luigi) - Costume/Outfit Modifier - Item Drop Box Modifier Download Report
Unknown Game Genie cheat collection file for Super Mario World on the zsnes emulator Download Report
Karl Burkhart All the Yoshis and items you want only enable one item and one yoshi. Yoshi cheats tell the game which one are you riding now, if you loose your ride he will be still equiped on the world map :) I was Bored i also found item code for the square the holds the extra ones i got mushroom feather flower 1up and starman that works great. all four yoshies work too. Download Report
Sickological Backup box modifier. Includes: Make Mushroom, Make Fire Flower, Make Star, Make Feather, Make 1-Up Mushroom. Download Report
Zophar's Domain 1985-2011 Download Report
Vallenatero2016 Vidas infinitas, tiempo infinito, invencible en pits, lava y enemigos, saltar por el aire y volar aun sin tener capa. Download Report
Mario windows version Download Report
Filip107Plays It has all the cheats you need Example : Vine in a box, levitation (Jump and hold the A button then when it touches the ground there you go keep holding A), etc... Notice : This doesn't works on the Japanese version of the game. You can show my cheat list in any Super Mario World video you make. Tested on : ZMZ (ZSNES with a new Rewind option) File type : ZIP Archive (Open with WinRAR or 7zip) Download Report