Super Mario All-Stars Cheats

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Supplier Description Download Report
-=Sir Dave=- Various infinite items at map Download Report
Zack Lopez PAR codes:Infinite lives (all games) Download Report
Cheese GG codes:Codes 1-5 for Smb3:1) Jump real high2) Meter always full3) Infinite lives4) Turn into tanooki when hit5) Turn into sledgehammer when hitCodes 6-7 for Smb2:6) Infinite lives7) InvincibleCodes 8-12 for Smb1:8) Infinite lives9) Infinite time10) Megajump 111) Megajump 212) Megajump 3Codes 13-14 for lost levels:13) Infinite lives14) Infinite time Download Report
Vallenatero 2016 Super Mario Bros. C2C1-D4AA: Vidas infinitas 62E7-A7D2 + 2DE7-A7A2: Invencible Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels C2B6-A455: Vidas infinitas 62E4-A779 + 2DE4-A7E9: Invencible Super Mario Bros. 2: C26E-D5A6: Vidas infinitas CB39-059D + 6939-052D: Invencible Super Mario Bros. 3 82BB-0C6D: Vidas infinitas DDC2-DC22: No puedes recibir daño o morir (si no caes al vacío): Download Report
Zophar's Domain 1985-2011 Download Report