Seiken Densetsu 3 Cheats

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Cloud XIII PAR Codes:Maxed HP, agil, dex, intel, str, luck, spirit, for all characters. 999,999 Luc. 99 yellow and brown seeds. Values won't change if codes are active! Download Report
FxChiP PAR Codes:1) Maximum for the first character is 255.2) it stays at 255 as current, whether you get hit or not. Also: support for the other characters. Download Report
The Smoker PAR codes:1) Unlimited Life Player 12) Unlimted Life Player 23) Unlimited Life Player 34) Unlimited Money5) Unlimited MP Player 16) Unlimited MP Player 27) Unlimited MP Player 38) Unlimited Item Seed9) Unlimited Mysterious Seed10) Full Defense Player 111) Full Defense Player 212) Full Defense Player 313) Full Attack Player 114) Full Attack Player 215) Full Attack Player 316) Unlimited Magic Seed Download Report