Secret of Mana Cheats

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Supplier Description Download Report
Hero_of_Time_99 PAR + GG Codes:1) Infinite energy for all 3 characters2) 1-Hit Wonder3) Weapon and Magic Skills increase faster than normal Download Report
Night Force PAR codes:1) unlimited gold2) everyone always has 999/999 HP and unlimited magic (disabled by default)3) all weapons and magic go up a level after one use3) sword remains fully charged (disabled by default)4) boy's stats are maxed out (enable code during gameplay or game will crash on title screen) Download Report
]ParadoX[ GG Codes:1) Enemies do little damage2) Enemies don't move Download Report
SoontirFel My own codes:1). Infinite Money2). Strength 255 (everyone)3). Agility 255 (everyone)4). Constitution 255 (everyone)5). Attack 255 (everyone)6). Hit% 255 (everyone)7). Evade% 255 (everyone)8). Wisdom 255 (everyone)9). Intelligence 255 (everyone)10). Infinite Magic Points Girl/Srpite11). ALL Magics are Level 11 Girl/Sprite12). Defense is 999 (everyone)13). Magic Defense is 999 (everyone)14). Weapon Skill Always level 8 (everyone) (off by default)see readme Download Report