Secret of Evermore Cheats

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Supplier Description Download Report
Bastard Son GG Codes:1) Start with all weapons2) Gain 1 level per battle (1 time per save/restore) Download Report
Nick Bryant All ingredients items and pouch trading items Download Report
Saturn My own codes:1) 99 of every Ingredient2) 99 of every Pouch Trade Good3) Every Charm/Rare Item4) 6 of every Good (like Petal, Nectar, Honey)5) 99 Call-Beads6) 6 of every Armor/Helm/Glove/Collar7) 9999999 Talons, Jewels, Gold Coins and Credits8) 9999999 Experience Points for Boy and Dog (level up after every enemy killed, till 99)9) All Weapons10) Each Weapon on level 3 skill11) Dog attack skill level 312) Every Alchemy Formula at level 9:9813) 99 of each Bazooka Bomb Download Report