Ren & Stimpy Show, the - Time Warp Cheats

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Death Adder My own codes:1). All Gritty Kitty / Muddy Mudskipper points2). All money collected = $2.553). Invincibility4). Unlimited lives5). Unlimited fuel for the time machine (OFF by default)6). Unlimited log ships in "Spacelog" bonus game (OFF by default)7). Unlimited lives in "Logman" bonus game (OFF by default)8). Unlimited ships in "Logwar" bonus game (OFF by default)9). Extra speed for "Logman" bonus game (OFF by default)10). Logs always frozen in "Logman" bonus game (OFF by default)11). Always have hammer12). Always extremely upset14). Unlimited lives (player 2)13). All money collected = $2.55 (player 2)15). Always extremely giddy (player 2)16). Invincibility (player 2)17). Always have hammer (player 2) Download Report