Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals Cheats

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Aiora GG Codes:1) Dark Mirror (cursed, very good)2) Dragon Blade3) Light Jewel4) Brill Helm5) Pearl Armor6) Egg RingNOTE: Only put on one 'desc' code at a time, for example, "Egg Ring" and "Egg Ring" is ok, but not "Egg Ring" and "Dragon Blade" Download Report
Cheese GG codes:1) Get much more gold2) Level 99 in one battle Download Report
Goku2500 GG codes:1) Lots of Gold2) Higher stats from lv up3) Guts up at lv up Download Report
^o^/ PAR codes:1) Infinite Gold2) Infinite Coins3) Exp Codes for all characters4) Infinite HP/MP for all characters (No MP codes for Guy & Dekar) Download Report