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)2uneofearth GG codes:1) Infinite Money2) Infinite Wood3) Infinite Grass4) Stamina rating5) Maria's Love6) Ann's Love7) Nina's Love8) Ellen's Love9) Eve's Love10) Development %11) Happiness rating12) Ranch Master Rating13) Walk through walls14) Tomato Shipped15) Corn Shipped16) Potato Shipped17) Turnip Shipped Download Report
crimson GG codes:1) Infinite Money2) Infinite fodder3) Infinite Money Download Report
Abdel Infinite+Max Gold, Infinite Materials+Feed, Infinite Stamina, Time always 12:00 Download Report
Sky Render PAR Codes:Cash, lumber, feed, time of day, day of week, weather, total harvested vegetables, girl's affection rating, watering can value, seed bags, stamina, days till cow birth, day of month, other cryptic codes (all off by default) Download Report