Chrono Trigger Cheats

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Night Force PAR codes:1) 65535 experience after battle2) 65535 tech points after battle3) unlimited silver points4) Unlimited gold5) everyone in party has unlimited magic6) Any item in the first 15 inventory slots is unlimited7) the "saves" counter always remains at 0GG Codes:1) Gain Hp and Mp after battle2) Characters stats max out after battle3) characters gain all techs after battle (defeats the purpose of the tech points code). Download Report
THe NOnAMeD.UsER GG codes:1) Party goes to Level 99 after battle2) Time Bar doesn't decrease3) Max Attributes for party after battle4) All Techs after battle5) Easy Battles (enemies die with one hit/dies if attack/recovers party HP/mess graphics)6) Infinite MP for Crono7) Infinite MP for Marle8) Infinite MP for Lucca9) Infinite MP for Frog10) Infinite MP for Robo11) Infinite MP for Ayla12) Infinite MP for MagusPAR codes:1) Unlimited GP - 12) Unlimited GP - 23) Unlimited GP - 3 Download Report
Sephirstein Game Genie Code:1) New Battle Theme Download Report
SoontirFel My own codes:1). Infinite Money2). Infinite MagicTabs3). PowerTabs4). EXP cheat (gain a level after each battle) for Crono, Lucca, Frog, Marle, Robo, Ayla Download Report
Raven0usVampire Modifies all stats for all Characters to 255 or **. Level up cheat included also. Download Report