3 Ninjas Kick Back Cheats

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Supplier Description Download Report
Raven3k Unlimited Lives and Unlimited Energy Download Report
Guard Master My own codes:1) Infinite Health Player 12) Infinite Lives Player 13) Invincibility Player 14-5)Max Coins Player 16-7)Max Weapon Uses Player 18-13)Max Score Player 114) Have Weapon Player 115-21)Have Whatever Secondary Weapon Player 1 (Off by default)22) Multiple Jumps Player 123) Floating Player 1 (Off by default)24) Inifinite Health Player 225) Infinite Lives Player 226) Invincibility Player 227-28) Max Coins Player 229-30) Max Weapon Uses Player 231-36) Max Score Player 237) Have Weapon Player 238-44) Have Whatever Secondary Weapon Player 2 (Off by default)45) Multiple Jumps Player 246) Floating Player 2 (Off by default)47-48) Infinite Time49) 0 Targets or Collectibles Left (Off by default)50-51) Last Level and Zone (Off by default) Download Report
BradyMan PAR code: Infinite Time Download Report