Z80 Emulators

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Name Description
MZ80 This Z80 Cpu emulator was coded in 32 bit assembly by Neil Bradley. It is a very optimized emulator, like M6502, and can be very useful for anyone interested in coding a GameGear/Master System emulator, GameBoy emulator, or any other system/computer that used the Z80. Compile makez80.c, generate the source to MZ80 by running it, and assemble with NASM 0.95+.
RAZE A very complete Z80 core by Richard Mitton. While relatively quick, it can't match the speed of MZ80. What it lacks in rapidity, though, it makes up for in accuracy - It has an extremely rich featureset and boasts nearly flawless interpretation.
Z80 This is the famous Z80 emulator from Marat Fayzullin, author of many different emulation projects including Virtual Gameboy. His Z80 cpu emulator was also used in other authors' projects, such as Massage 0.6. It is coded in C, just compile it with any Ansi C compliant compiler.
Z80Em This package contains a portable Z80 emulator. It comes with an integrated single-step debugger a portable disassembler and includes two engines: One written in pure C, which can be used on just about every 32+ bit system, and one optimised for GCC/x86 (DJGPP, Linux, FreeBSD). It can be used to emulate systems with multiple Z80s and systems with several different CPUs.

Z80 Emulators on Other Platforms

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