a Texas Instruments - TI-xx Series Emulator on the Windows platform

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This is a nice, but no longer supported by its author, TI-99 emulator for DOS. It runs most TI-99 games and programs but it might be a bit hard to get to work on newer machines, since it involves some config file editing.

This is a fix for the emulator if it doesn't detect your computer as faster than a 386.

This is the source code for V9T9.

You'll need these TI-99 ROMs for the emulator to be able to run games and BASIC and all that other neat stuff.

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Source - v6.0 07/10/95 698.13 KB Download
TI-99 ROMs 07/10/95 63.58 KB Download
v6.0 07/10/95 908.76 KB Download
v6.0 (Fix) 07/10/95 148.16 KB Download

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