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Rightfully named Multi-Machine, this emulator, in addition to emulating the Spectrum (16/48/48+/128/+2/+2A/+3 flavors), this emulator also supports emulation for Sinclair's Z80 and Z81, the Timex Sinclair 1000 and 2068, the Amstrad CPC series, the Jupiter Ace, and the Enterprise. Work is in progress to emulate the Amstrad PCW series, the MSX series, and the TRS-80 series. Currently, Multi-Machine supports all the major Spectrum CPU state (aka
'snapshot') filetypes, such as .Z80 (48K and 128K), .SNA, and .SLT, as well as native filetypes from virtually all the older Spectrum emulators, as well as the .TAP and .TSX formats for tape files and tape data recordings encoded as .VOC sound files, and under the +3, support for .DSK disk image files . Peripheral support for Kempston and Sinclair joysticks via the PC joystick or keyboard is included. Not much is known about how this emulator works with Multiface 128,
but if you want to test, the Multiface ROM is available for download (at left). Multi-Machine requires DirectX 5, and should run at full speed on any Pentium system. This emulator, along with X128, are our Spectrum emulators of choice; if you're a Speccy fanatic, and you have Win95, look into this emu seriously.

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Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Download Multiface 128 ROM 06/16/98 6.02 KB Download
v1,30b 06/16/98 1.11 MB Download

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