LCD Simulators Emulators

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Name Description
Grabman This is the final relase of Grab Man, the Casino Pacman game. If you're familiar with PacMan, then you shouldn't have much difficulty learning and mastering this game.
Mickey Mouse A Mickey Mouse simulator in which you catch that are dropped from roosting hens. There are still some features being worked out, such Game B and the timer.
Motor Cross This is the final release of this simulator. Your aim is not to collide with other motorbikes and to score a certain amount of points, before running out of fuel. When you score the amount of points required at that level, you'll have access to the next level. Sometimes a fuel pump or a tool will appear on the left or right sides of the road: by moving to that side and then pressing Start, before that icon disappears, you could gain some more fuel or restore a life. Score: for every motorbike you don't collide with, you'll gain 100, 200 or 300 points, depending on your motorbike's speed (100 at low speed, 200 at medium speed, 300 at high speed). (Thanks to The Vintage Gaming Network for this description.)
Neko Don Don! Robert Kacsich has released a simulator for Takatoku's handheld LCD game Neko Don Don! You'll need Microsoft Visual Basic 6 runtime files to run this game, as well as Oleaut32.dll.