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Koyote Koyote is a freeware Neo Geo Pocket emulator written by David Raingeard and Romain Tisserand. All code was written from scratch except for the Z80 emulation and the SN76496 emulation. This is also the first Neo Geo Pocket emulator with preliminary TCP/IP netplay and Neo Geo Pocket BIOS support.This version has no sound.Language packs and skins are avilable from the official site.
NeoPocott A discontinued Neo Geo Pocket emulator written in C. It includes support for all the basics, with zoom support, reset/pause and VSync, but no sound. The compatibility is also signifigantly lower than in NeoPop, Koyote or NGPocket.There is also a Norwegian Translation......and a Portuguese Translation.
NeoPop NeoPop is a portable open-source "NeoGeo Pocket (Color)" emulator.
NGPocket NGPocket was the first public Neo Geo Pocket emulator. It emulates both the Neo Geo Pocket, and the Neo Geo Pocket Color. It must be run in 16-bit color. It is shareware, and costs 500 yen (about $5) to register (the site has disappeared however, so registering may be impossible). Controls and sound are disabled until you register. Although this emulator is superior to R.A.P.E.? and NeoPocott, NeoPop and Koyote are easily able to out-perform this emulator. Skip it and head for NeoPop.
R.A.P.E.? This was the first freeware Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator. It lacks sound, has low compatibility and no support for Neo Geo Pocket Mono ROMs. R.A.P.E.? is decent but out-classed by every other Neo Geo Pocket emulator. It's not really worth a download.

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