a Nintendo - NES Emulator on the Windows platform

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fwNES, written by Fan Wen Yang, supports a good number of mappers and has a very interesting user interface. It also emulates the Japanese Famicom Disk System addon (which requires the FDS bios ROM). It's sound support is very good. It supports all 5 channels and the extra FDS sound channels for Adlib, SB, and other soundcards. Pentium class CPUs should be able to acheive full speed.

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v0.302 11/16/98
866.08 KB Download


Sebastian_L says:
It is probably the best nes emulator.

But can it run on current Hardware?

I tried it with dosbox but it Was in lightspeed...

Tried to slow down but then the speed is like a sinus curve.

Could someone please help me

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