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FakeNES is an open source NES emulator by stainless. The project aims to be a superior quality, highly portable, feature-rich multi-system emulator. Currently, FakeNES is being integrated into Kadence64, but the NES portion will continue to be distributed separately as FakeNES 0.7.x for those who only want a NES emulator.

FakeNES has extremely high compatibility and emulates many mappers, plus has an awesome GUI! It supports the NES four player adapter "Four Score", the Zapper, among other standard features including video blitters/filters, palette selection, audio options, save states, speed options, and everything you'd expect to find. This is definitely one of the best NES emulators.

Author's website: http://fakenes.sourceforge.net/

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
FakeNES v0.3.1 12/19/2003
DOS (Stable Release) 371.87 KB Download
FakeNES v0.5.8 04/26/2006
Windows 32-bit (Stable Release) 638.73 KB Download
FakeNES v0.5.9 beta3 07/20/2008
Windows 32-bit (Unstable Release) 845.92 KB Download
FakeNES v0.5.9x Source 07/20/2008 Source Code 409.77 KB Download

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