Fatal Fury: King of Fighters

Console: X68000

Publisher: Magical Company

Composer: n/a

MP3s by: nx666

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1. Magical Sound Logo (SC-55) 0:12 Download
2. Garou Densetsu Title (SC-55) 0:23 Download
3. Two Heads are Better Than One (Player Select) (SC-55) 0:34 Download
4. Fight! (Garou Densetsu begins) (SC-55) 0:05 Download
5. Downtown Rascal (Duck King Theme) (SC-55) 2:35 Download
6. The Halema School of Capoeira's Battle Song (Richard Meyer Theme) (SC-55) 2:34 Download
7. Sea Knows (Michael Max Theme) (SC-55) 1:53 Download
8. China's 4000 Years of History (Tung Fu Rue Theme) (SC-55) 3:08 Download
9. Results are Everything (Fight Result) (SC-55) 0:05 Download
10. The Suspicious Guy (Midway Demo) (SC-55) 0:47 Download
11. King Cobra Arrives (Hwa Jai Stage) (SC-55) 2:05 Download
12. Raiden the Brave (Raiden Stage) (SC-55) 2:37 Download
13. That Begins (Bonus Game Start) (SC-55) 0:04 Download
14. Push and Push Till the End of Hell (Bonus Game BGM) (SC-55) 0:37 Download
15. You're Great! (Bonus Game Victory) (SC-55) 0:05 Download
16. Losing is Winning (Bonus Game Defeat) (SC-55) 0:06 Download
17. Kidnapping (Geese's Subordinates Demo) (SC-55) 0:36 Download
18. The Melancholy of an Awakening (Geese Appearance Demo) (SC-55) 0:32 Download
19. Kiss for Geese (Geese Howard Theme) (SC-55) 2:21 Download
20. Just a Stylish Brawler (2P Fight BGM) (SC-55) 2:23 Download
21. In the Shadow of Victory (Victory Demo) (SC-55) 0:36 Download
22. When Walking on a Bridge, You Can Find a Line (Billy Kane Stage) (SC-55) 1:50 Download
23. If You Stare at Reality (Ending) (SC-55) 2:02 Download
24. Inner Tenacity (Continue) (SC-55) 0:13 Download
25. In the Other Side of Despair (Game Over) (SC-55) 0:04 Download
26. Give a Name (Fight Record Display) (SC-55) 0:37 Download