Tenshi no Uta

Release date: Oct 25th, 1991

Console: TurboGrafx-16 (HES)

Developer: TCD

Publisher: Riot

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TJCD1018_03 Marriage Field 0:52 Download
TJCD1018_04 Far Away 0:59 Download
TJCD1018_05 Gate of Heaven 1:07 Download
TJCD1018_06 Gaulish 1:00 Download
TJCD1018_07 Billy's Sea 1:02 Download
TJCD1018_08 Village of Celts 1:01 Download
TJCD1018_09 Hill Fort 1:05 Download
TJCD1018_10 Hallstatt 0:57 Download
TJCD1018_11 Dooinney Oie 0:58 Download
TJCD1018_12 Elves in the Sky 0:54 Download
TJCD1018_13 Who's Who 0:53 Download
TJCD1018_14 Dungeon 1:02 Download
TJCD1018_15 Night and Magic 1:00 Download
TJCD1018_16 Devil's Cellar 1:03 Download
TJCD1018_17 Mid-Boss 0:53 Download
TJCD1018_18 Final Boss 2:13 Download
TJCD1018_19 Heaven's Elm 1:06 Download
TJCD1018_26 Staff Roll 4:05 Download
TJCD1018_30 Opening 2:01 Download