Summer Carnival '92 - Alzadick

Release date: Jul 17th, 1992

Console: TurboGrafx-16 (HES)

Publisher: Naxat

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NXCD2012_03 Title (Progress) 1:36 Download
NXCD2012_04 Weapon Select (Set-Up Area) 0:40 Download
NXCD2012_05 Prologue (Mission Code) 1:19 Download
NXCD2012_06 Beginner Attack (Practice Makes Perfect) 2:34 Download
NXCD2012_07 Score Attack (The Allied Forces) 2:31 Download
NXCD2012_08 Time Attack (Final Record) 5:40 Download
NXCD2012_09 Story Mode 1 (Mios Project) 1:40 Download
NXCD2012_10 Story Mode 2 (Charged the Valdea Base) 1:44 Download
NXCD2012_11 Good Ending (Complete) 0:40 Download
NXCD2012_12 Bad Ending (Incomplete) 0:39 Download
NXCD2012_13 Credits (Team Alzadick) 2:44 Download
NXCD2012_14 Stage Clear (Return) 0:09 Download
NXCD2012_15 Game Over (State of Emergency) 0:06 Download
NXCD2012_16 Option Mode (Other Window) 1:05 Download
NXCD2012_17 High Score (Super Player!!) 2:16 Download