Strider Hiryuu (TurboGrafx-16 (HES))

Strider Hiryuu

Release date: Sep 22nd, 1994

Console: TurboGrafx-16 (HES)

Developer: Dice

Publisher: NEC Avenue

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NAPR1041_03 Coup 1:12 Download
NAPR1041_04 Boss 1:35 Download
NAPR1041_05 Stage Clear 0:11 Download
NAPR1041_06 Continue 0:16 Download
NAPR1041_07 Game Over 0:12 Download
NAPR1041_08 Raid! 2:06 Download
NAPR1041_09 Beasts! 1:54 Download
NAPR1041_10 Sohorz R 1:43 Download
NAPR1041_11 Siberian Mine 2:08 Download
NAPR1041_12 Big Run 1:59 Download
NAPR1041_13 Mass of Cloud 2:00 Download
NAPR1041_14 Short Spin 1:49 Download
NAPR1041_15 Unusual Gravity 1:32 Download
NAPR1041_16 Valley and River 2:11 Download
NAPR1041_17 Roaring 2:05 Download
NAPR1041_18 Hiryuu 2:34 Download
NAPR1041_19 Counter Attack 2:15 Download
NAPR1041_20 Grand Master 1:43 Download
NAPR1041_29 Ending 1:59 Download