Gradius II - Gofer no Yabou

Release date: Dec 18th, 1992

Console: TurboGrafx-16 (HES)

Developer: TCD

Publisher: Konami

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KMCD2003_03 Title Demo 0:32 Download
KMCD2003_04 Equipment 1:38 Download
KMCD2003_05 TABIDACHI 1:11 Download
KMCD2003_06 Burning Heat 2:39 Download
KMCD2003_07 A Shooting Star 1:04 Download
KMCD2003_08 Synthetic Life 2:45 Download
KMCD2003_09 Crystal World 3:06 Download
KMCD2003_10 A Way Out of The Difficulty 2:34 Download
KMCD2003_11 Take Care! 3:31 Download
KMCD2003_12 A Shooting Star 1:04 Download
KMCD2003_13 The Old Stone Age 1:09 Download
KMCD2003_14 The Old Stone Age (Hi Tempo) 3:15 Download
KMCD2003_15 Maximum Speed 1:18 Download
KMCD2003_16 Gradius Boss Theme 1:36 Download
KMCD2003_17 SALAMANDER Boss Theme 3:39 Download
KMCD2003_18 Fire Dragon 2:07 Download
KMCD2003_19 A Shooting Star 1:04 Download
KMCD2003_20 Into Hostile Ship 1:34 Download
KMCD2003_21 Shoot and Shoot 1:38 Download
KMCD2003_22 The Final Enemy 2:15 Download
KMCD2003_23 Deprived Sanctity 3:06 Download
KMCD2003_24 GAME OVER 0:08 Download
KMCD2003_25 RANKING BGM 1:39 Download
KMCD2003_26 Farewell 0:38 Download
KMCD2003_27 Star Flight 1:44 Download