Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin

Release date: Oct 2nd, 1997

Console: Sega Saturn (SSF)

Developer: SNK

Publisher: SNK

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6G_02 Call For An Encore (Continue) 0:17 Download
6G_03 End Of The Show (Game Over) 0:06 Download
6G_04 Seventeen Warriors (Select Screen) 0:37 Download
6G_05 Fair And Square (En Garde) 0:07 Download
6G_06 Conclusion (Conclusion) 0:17 Download
6G_07 Dog (Abandoned Village Stage) 2:17 Download
6G_08 Old Temple (Old Temple Stage 1) 2:17 Download
6G_09 Sannomiya (Seaside Stage) 2:17 Download
6G_10 Scene Of Carnage (Haohmaru) 1:42 Download
6G_11 River -Modified- (Ukyo Tachibana) 2:42 Download
6G_12 Tuna Incarnation (Galford) 2:20 Download
6G_13 Meditation I (Image Screen 1) 0:48 Download
6G_14 Nature's Banquet -Part II- (Nakoruru) 2:29 Download
6G_15 Heart's Mirror -Part II- (Rimururu) 2:18 Download
6G_16 Demon Song -Modified- (Genjuro Kibagami) 2:20 Download
6G_17 Successive Foreign Woman (Charlotte) 1:41 Download
6G_18 Shimabara (Map Screen) 0:08 Download
6G_19 Blaze (Kazuki Kazama) 2:15 Download
6G_20 Water Incarnation (Sogetsu Kazama) 1:39 Download
6G_21 Meditation II (Image Screen 2) 0:47 Download
6G_22 Cherry Trees (Cherry Trees Stage) 2:20 Download
6G_23 Bamboo Thicket (Bamboo Stage) 2:27 Download
6G_24 Vapour (Rocky Mountain Stage) 2:17 Download
6G_25 Flame Prison (Fire Stage) 2:17 Download
6G_26 Two Devas (Old Temple Stage 2) 2:17 Download
6G_27 Bad Job (Execution Place Stage) 2:17 Download
6G_28 Meditation III (Image Screen 3) 0:47 Download
6G_29 Silent Activity 2:00 Download
6G_30 Two (Before Amakusa Battle Demo) 0:34 Download
6G_31 Active Silence (Shiro Tokisada Amakusa) 2:11 Download
6G_32 Three (Before Rival Battle Demo) 0:09 Download
6G_33 Worthy Opponent (Rival Last Battle) 2:17 Download
6G_34 Prospect -II- (Bad Ending) 0:37 Download
6G_35 Prospect -I- (Normal Ending) 1:03 Download
6G_36 Promoter (Staff Roll) 1:47 Download
6G_37 unknown 0:06 Download
6G_38 Amakusa's Revenge (Title) 1:04 Download