King of Fighters '97, The (Sega Saturn (SSF))

King of Fighters '97, The

Release date: Mar 26th, 1998

Console: Sega Saturn (SSF)

Developer: SNK

Publisher: SNK

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0G_03 4th Fire (Title) 0:48 Download
0G_04 Winner (Victory Demo) 0:09 Download
0G_05 Order (Player Select) 0:26 Download
0G_06 H.C.C (Joining In Player Select) 0:23 Download
0G_08 Bari (Bari Stage) 1:18 Download
0G_12 America (America Stage) 1:20 Download
0G_13 Esaka Forever (Kyo Kusanagi) 1:46 Download
0G_14 Cool Jam ~Saxophone Storm 3~ (Iori Yagami) 1:50 Download
0G_15 Still Green (Shingo Yabuki) 1:50 Download
0G_16 Psycho Soldier Remix '97 (Athena Asamiya) 1:49 Download
0G_17 Bloody (New Face Team) 1:52 Download
0G_18 Kurito Forever (Terry Bogard) 1:50 Download
0G_19 C62 -Shirokuni- (Ryuji Yamazaki) 1:50 Download
0G_20 Blue Mary's Blues (Blue Mary) 1:50 Download
0G_21 London March (Billy Kane) 1:50 Download
0G_22 Control Crisis (Orochi Leona & Orochi Iori Stage) 1:47 Download
0G_23 Rhythmic Hallucination (Orochi Team Stage) 1:43 Download
0G_24 The Origin of Mind (Orochi Stage) 1:47 Download
0G_25 Memory (Demo 1-1) 0:32 Download
0G_26 S.N.N.W (Midway Demo) 0:36 Download
0G_27 Everything is for the Awakening (Demo 2) 1:41 Download
0G_32 4th Fire ß (MVS Title) 0:30 Download
0G_33 Episode I (Ending 1) 2:03 Download
0G_34 Episode II (Ending 2) 1:44 Download
0G_35 Episode III (Ending 3) 1:15 Download
0G_36 Dream (Demo 4) 0:42 Download
0G_37 Enlightenment (Demo 3) 1:14 Download
0G_38 Mirthless (Staff Roll) 2:20 Download
0G_39 Count Down (Continue) 0:15 Download
0G_40 Chris 1:15 Download
0G_41 Orochi Chris 1:14 Download