King of Fighters '96, The (Sega Saturn (SSF))

King of Fighters '96, The

Release date: Dec 31st, 1996

Console: Sega Saturn (SSF)

Developer: SNK

Publisher: SNK

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8G_02 'In 1996' (Title) 0:36 Download
8G_03 Esaka (Heroes Team Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_04 Heroes Team Theme 2 1:22 Download
8G_05 Big Shot! 'Mellow' (Fatal Fury Team Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_06 Long-horned Beetle (Art of Fighting Team Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_07 Rumbling on the City (New Ikari Team Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_08 Psycho Soldier Remix '96 (Psycho Soldier Team Theme) 2:03 Download
8G_09 Seoul Road (Kim Team Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_10 Roulette (Player Select) 0:49 Download
8G_11 Ora Ora (Victory Demo) 0:09 Download
8G_12 Here Comes Challenger (Joining In Player Select) 0:33 Download
8G_13 0:06 Download
8G_14 Get'n Up (New Woman Fighters Team Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_15 Saxophone Storm 2 (Yagami Team Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_16 Requiem in D Minor K.626 Dies Irae (Krauser Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_17 Krauser Theme 2 1:26 Download
8G_18 Geese's Stiff Shoulders (Geese Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_19 Geese Theme 2 1:26 Download
8G_20 Dust Man (Mr.Big Theme) 2:09 Download
8G_21 Mr. Big Theme 2 1:25 Download
8G_22 Protector (Demo 1) 1:13 Download
8G_23 Fairy (Chizuru Kagura Theme) 2:13 Download
8G_24 Self (Heroes Team Ending) 1:26 Download
8G_25 Wind (Demo 2) 1:41 Download
8G_26 Trash Head (Goenitz Theme) 2:02 Download
8G_27 Goenitz Theme 2 1:26 Download
8G_28 To the Sky (Demo 3) 1:35 Download
8G_29 Den! (Ending 1) 1:27 Download
8G_30 Den! Den! (Ending 2) 1:33 Download
8G_31 Den! Den! Den! (Ending 3) 1:24 Download
8G_32 Rising Red (Staff Roll) 1:59 Download
8G_33 The Setting Sun and the Moon 2:19 Download