King of Fighters '95, The (Sega Saturn (SSF))

King of Fighters '95, The

Release date: Mar 28th, 1996

Console: Sega Saturn (SSF)

Developer: Rotubo

Publisher: Sega

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1G_02 K.O.F '95 (Title) 0:45 Download
1G_03 Funky Esaka (Japan Stage) 3:02 Download
1G_04 Prisoner (Korea Stage) 3:02 Download
1G_05 Desert Requiem (Middle East Stage) 3:02 Download
1G_06 Dora Shudders (China Stage) 3:02 Download
1G_07 Club-M ~Blue Sky Flute~ (Mediterranean Sea Stage) 3:02 Download
1G_08 Ryuuko and Ken ~To Sway a Man's Heart~ (America Stage) 3:02 Download
1G_09 The Base Crawls on the Earth (England Stage) 3:02 Download
1G_10 Saxophone Storm (America Stage) 3:02 Download
1G_11 Hal, Bass and Melody (Last Boss Stage 1) 2:02 Download
1G_12 The Sunset Sky Part VI ~ Liebe (Staff Roll) 1:42 Download
1G_13 Raging Waves Select (Team Select) 0:47 Download
1G_14 Weeping R Rose D (Rugal Demo 1, 2, 3) 1:32 Download
1G_15 unknown track 0:37 Download
1G_16 Spring of this World (Victory Demo) 0:07 Download
1G_17 Vortex of Ambition (Game Over) 0:06 Download
1G_18 Praise for Rugal (Rugal Appearance Demo) 1:02 Download
1G_19 Kid (Ending 1) 3:02 Download
1G_20 Goodbye Mr.Tear (Ending 2) 3:02 Download
1G_21 Farewell! Youth (Ending 3) 3:02 Download
1G_22 Guitar, Omega and Rugal (Last Boss Stage 2) 2:02 Download
1G_23 Demon Select (Game Select) 3:02 Download
1G_24 Rugal Elimination (Rugal Elimination Demo) 1:02 Download
1G_25 unknown track 1:02 Download
1G_26 MY LOVE ~Uplifting My Courage~ (Athena Song) 2:10 Download
1G_27 Neo Geo SNK Logo 0:08 Download