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  Name Console Year Developer
  Ash Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2016 SRRN
  Castle Conqueror - Heroes 2 Nintendo DS (2SF) 2012 Arc System Works
  Come On! Dragons
Nintendo DS (2SF) 2012
  Come On! Heroes
Nintendo DS (2SF) 2011
  Conveni Dream Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2014 Arc System Works
  Demon King Box Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2014 Circle
  Fairune Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2014 Flyhigh Works
  Fairune 2 Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2016 Flyhigh Works
  Karous - The Beast Of Re Eden Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2014 Milestone
  Kingdom's Item Shop
Oukoku no Douguya-San
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2014 Pumo
  Legend of Dark Witch 2, The
Majin Shoujo Episode 2 - Negai e no Daika
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2015 Inside System
  Legend of Dark Witch, The
Majin Shoujo - Chronicle 2D Act
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2014 Inside System
  Parascientific Escape Cruise in the Distant Seas )
Chou Kagaku Dasshutsu Story
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2014 Intense
  Polara Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2016 Hope This Works Games
  Puzzle Labyrinth
Nazotoki Maze-Kara no Dasshutsu
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2015 Intense
  Quell Memento
Shizuku Memory
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2015 FK Digital
  Quell Reflect
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2014 FK Digital
Icon Puzzle Tappingo
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2014 Goodbye Galaxy
  Wakedas Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2013
  Witch & Hero
Majo to Yuusha
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2013 FK Digital
  Witch & Hero 2
Majo to Yuusha II
Nintendo 3DS (3SF) 2016 Flyhigh Works
  Name Console Year Developer