Need for Speed - High Stakes

Alternative name: Over Drivin' IV, Need for Speed - Road Challenge

Release date: Mar 1st, 1999

Console: Playstation (PSF)

Developer: EA Canada

Publisher: Electronic Arts

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SLUS-00826_DEMO1AV 0:30 Download
SLUS-00826_DEMO2AV 0:29 Download
SLUS-00826_DEMO3AV 0:32 Download
SLUS-00826_game01-amorphous being-saki kaskas 3:00 Download
SLUS-00826_game02-roll the dice-lunatic calm 3:21 Download
SLUS-00826_game03-rock this-rom di prisco 2:35 Download
SLUS-00826_game04-naked and ashamed-dylan rhymes 2:34 Download
SLUS-00826_game05-war-junkie xl 2:51 Download
SLUS-00826_game06-bionic-crispin hands 3:12 Download
SLUS-00826_game07-i am electro-the funk lab 2:46 Download
SLUS-00826_game08-liquid plasma-rom di prisco 2:49 Download
SLUS-00826_game09-fight-junkie xl 2:50 Download
SLUS-00826_game10-clutch-dj icey 2:08 Download
SLUS-00826_game11-bring that beat back-rom di prisco 2:51 Download
SLUS-00826_game12-dude in the moon-dastrix 2:38 Download
SLUS-00826_game13-def beat-junkie xl 3:22 Download
SLUS-00826_game14-cost of freedom-the experiment 3:17 Download
SLUS-00826_game15-globular cluster-saki kaskas 3:38 Download
SLUS-00826_game16-no remorse-junkie xl 3:45 Download
SLUS-00826_game17-insanity sauce -surreal madrid 3:15 Download
SLUS-00826_game18-road warrior-rom di prisco 2:27 Download
SLUS-00826_garage-bulbular swirl-saki kaskas 3:17 Download
SLUS-00826_garage-bulbulous swirl-saki kaskas 3:04 Download
SLUS-00826_lose-callista-saki kaskas 4:20 Download
SLUS-00826_NFS4TITL 1:30 Download
SLUS-00826_showcase-groovalicious-rom di prisco 1:51 Download
SLUS-00826_victory-kaphunk-saki kaskas 1:35 Download
SLUS-00826_win-electro optik-rom di prisco 3:09 Download
SLUS-00826_zmenu01-cygnus rift-rom di prisco 2:37 Download
SLUS-00826_zmenu02-paradigm shifter-rom di prisco 2:39 Download
SLUS-00826_zmenu03-photon rez-rom di prisco 2:49 Download
SLUS-00826_zmenu04-quantum singularity-rom di prisco 2:44 Download