Bushido Blade (Playstation (PSF))

Bushido Blade

Release date: Mar 14th, 1997

Console: Playstation (PSF)

Developer: Lightweight

Publisher: Square

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SCUS-94180_01 Shinji Hosoe - Bushido Theater 1:14 Download
SCUS-94180_02 Shinji Hosoe - Bushido Former Theory 0:38 Download
SCUS-94180_03 Shinji Hosoe - Bushido Explanation [With Speech] 0:24 Download
SCUS-94180_04 Shinhi Hosoe - Kannuki (Final Performance) [With Speech] 1:13 Download
SCUS-94180_05 Shinji Hosoe - Hotarubi (Final Performance) [With Speech] 1:08 Download
SCUS-94180_06 Shinji Hosoe - Utsusemi (Final Performance) [With Speech] 1:10 Download
SCUS-94180_07 Shinji Hosoe - Mikado (Final Performance) [With Speech] 1:13 Download
SCUS-94180_08 Shinji Hosoe - Tatsumi (Final Performance) [With Speech] 1:09 Download
SCUS-94180_09 Shinji Hosoe - Black Lotus (Final Performance) [With Speech] 1:12 Download
SCUS-94180_10 Shinji Hosoe - True Kannuki (Final Performance) [With Speech] 0:36 Download
SCUS-94180_11 Shinji Hosoe - True Hotarubi (Final Performance) [With Speech] 0:35 Download
SCUS-94180_12 Shinji Hosoe - True Utsusemi (Final Performance) [With Speech] 0:50 Download
SCUS-94180_13 Shinji Hosoe - True Mikado (Final Performance) [With Speech] 0:39 Download
SCUS-94180_14 Shinji Hosoe - True Tatsumi (Final Performance) [With Speech] 0:34 Download
SCUS-94180_15 Shinji Hosoe - True Black Lotus (Final Performance) [With Speech] 0:38 Download
SCUS-94180_16 Shinji Hosoe - Creator's Book 1:45 Download
SCUS-94180_17 Takayuki Aihara - Bushido Trailer 1:40 Download
SCUS-94180_18 Ayako Saso - Light of The Bitter Orange 2:43 Download
SCUS-94180_19 Ayako Saso - Those Who Aim at The Castle Tower 3:43 Download
SCUS-94180_20 Ayako Saso - Hiding in Shadow 4:12 Download
SCUS-94180_21 Ayako Saso - Like the Tailwind 4:10 Download
SCUS-94180_22 Shinji Hosoe - Those Who Stray From the Path of The Samurai 0:07 Download
SCUS-94180_23 Takayuki Aihara - One Hundred Missing People 5:25 Download