a Nintendo - GameBoy Advance Emulator on the Windows platform

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This is amazing. An emulator released before the actual system. :) This emulator runs the rare Yoshi technical demo, along with a host of other homebrewn demos (which can be found in the Gameboy Advance Freeware ROMs section. There is a trick to getting ROMs running in this emulator though. First, when the emulator starts up, put in the directory you have the emulator in (for example, mine is d:emulationgba), load whatever demo your wanting to run (you'll more than likely get an error message, but that's normal), then, under Tools, open the Debugger and the Graphics Viewer, click GBA screen and Auto Refresh, then go over to the Debugger and click Start. With any luck the demo will start.

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
Build 000915 09/15/00 244.57 KB Download

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