a Nintendo - GameBoy Emulator on the Windows platform

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This is one of the best DOS GameBoy emulatorsavailable at the moment. It can run most GameBoy games flawlessly.With its near-perfect sound, game genie support and even GBCsupport, most other emulators cannot even come close. This is thefinal DOS version o f VGB.The full Windows version of VGB, coded by MaratFayzullin, has additional features that the free DOS version doesnot have. It has the ability to choose between WAVE and MIDI sound(you also are able to log all soundtracks to a .MID file, althoughthere seems to be no speed control on logged MIDIs), and you canenable/disable the different sound channels. Joystick support isalso available, and it even works with some newer joysticks, likeMS's Sidewinders. There is also speed syncing for those of you withfast Pentium II/IIIs, and save/state loading for quick save gameretrieval. Plus, it supports both Gameboy Color and Super Gameboycarts. Last, but not least, it supports many extras such asGameGenie, GameShark, Gameboy camera and the pocket printer. Thecompatibility of VGB for Windows is estimated to be 95%. Theregistration fee is $35 (the demo has no sound or joysticksupport). Head over to the official VGB page to find outmore.

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Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v0.88 07/05/97


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