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No$gmb is a emulator for gameboy, pocket gameboy, super gameboy, and color gameboy. Beside for the ability to play games it does also include a debugger with graphics user interface, conditional breakpoints, symbolic debug information, VRAM viewer, optional warning messages, online assembler, and various other useful things, making it a powerful development tool that is used by several professional game developers.

Further features are emulation of two player link (on the same computer), screenshots, real CGB-colors, gamegenie and gameshark cheats, joysticks, snespads, digital sound, a color scheme editor to colorize monochrome games, etc. etc.

The program is entirely written in assembler language, which makes it fast enough to run on older computers, for monochrome games a 386 with at least 33Mhz should be suggested, and for color games a 486 with something like 66Mhz.

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Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v2.5 Special DOS 80386 optimized 23rd July 2000 126.45 KB Download
v2.5 Special DOS 80486 optimized 23rd July 2000 126.44 KB Download
v2.5 Special DOS XT/AT compatible 23rd July 2000 127.65 KB Download
v2.5 Standard 32bit Windows 23rd July 2000 138.34 KB Download
v2.5 Standard DOS 23rd July 2000 140.62 KB Download

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