a Nintendo - GameBoy Emulator on the Windows platform

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This is a Gameboy emulator for Win9x/00. Itsfeatures include: Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulation, CPU,graphics with priorities, Ten sprites per scanline limitation,stereo sound, V-Blank, LCDC, and Timer interrupts. Its also gotbattery RAM, a debugger, and a disassembler. You can customize yourkeys in this emulator, run simultaneous emulation of multiple GameBoys, drag and drop files onto the console to open them, and itsalso got DDE support for you lazy people. The property window inExplorer also shows the ROM header. This emulator is pretty goodconsidering its a new release. It requires Direct X 8 or better torun.

Author's website:

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v1.61 10/05/01 149.99 KB Download

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