a Nintendo - DS Emulator on the Windows platform

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iDeaS is a plugin-based, portable emulator, under slow but active development. Its performance and compatibility are respectable.

Author's website:

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v1.0.3.9 02/17/2011 Binary + Plugins 319.71 KB Download


runman says:
I signed up just to say that the author's site listed led me to a scam/phishing site.

It was one of those where they try to get the gullible people to call "microsoft" by having the site say some stuff about windows defender being down and a big BSOD warning or something like that on the site itself, along with popups that you cannot get rid of (unless you know to click the "do not allow this site to create additional pop-ups" option").

Please do not click the link expecting it to take you to the actual authors website.

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