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A7800DS Atari 7800 emulator for DS

The Atari 7800 emulator, A7800 has been updated.

A7800 v0.188-03

What's new?

-Keypad Controller emulation fixed.
-Updated default mappings for Console and Player 2.
-Console temperature/Color palette selection added.
-Fixed graphics glitch in Super Skateboardin' status area.
-User interface improvements including streamlined menus.
-Verified (real-time) load and save state support.
-Full illustrative manual added to the download archive.
-Optional display enhancement effects: HLSL with YIQ,
CRT-geom(-deluxe), super-eagle, hq series, (super) xbr lineup.

Windows, OS X, and Linux ports along with source code are available at the home page

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