Virtual ColecoVision

a Coleco - ColecoVision Emulator on the Windows platform

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Formerly known as Colem97, Virtual ColecoVision is a Windows 95 based emulator for the ColecoVision. It has sound, and runs the majority of Coleco games. This is a
must download for people who like Windows emulators, as this is the best Windows Coleco emulator that is around today.

Author's website:

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v2.11a 10/14/97 156.63 KB Download


HiddenPalm says:
According tho this it was last updated in 1997, over a decade ago. How is this the best Coleco emulator around today?

ColEm was last updated in July of 2010 and has more features than this one so I assumed it would blow this one out the water. But shamefully the screen flutters horribly on COLEM, it's unplayable on Windows 7 I guess.

Does anyone know of a better one, or is this 1997 emulator really the best one?

Mikemc says:
ColEm97 works fine in Windows 7. Although I had to unpack it from the zip file again instead of copying from a backup.. go figure :/

As for complaining about its age, it's a bloody Colecovision, you want a full map editor to go with that?

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