PC-Dragon II

a Dragon - Dragon 32/64 Emulator on the Windows platform

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This emulator is the slowest of the 3 Coco I & II emulators listed, it's written entirely in C, C++. This emulator doesn't have as many options as Coco 2. The author, Paul Burgin, has also written the T3 emulator below. But remember, you have to download one of the boot ROM images available in this section.

Author's website: http://www.burgins.com/emulators.html

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
PC Dragon II 03/24/97 v2.02 205.96 KB Download
PC Dragon II Source Code 01/06/00 v2.06 Source Code 112.01 KB Download
PC Dragon II Upgrade 07/18/98 v2.06 180.94 KB Download

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