a Acorn - BBC Micro Emulator on the Windows platform

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BeebEm emulates two Acorn BBC Micro models: The Model B, and the Master 128. The Model B has 32K of RAM, 16K of Operating system ROM, and sixteen 16K Paged ROM slots. It uses a 6502 Processor, and the Intel 8271 Floppy disc controller. The Master 128 has 32K of "Main" RAM, 20K Video Shadow RAM, 8K Filing System RAM, 4K "Private" RAM, 16K Operating system ROM, seven Paged ROMs, and 4 Paged "Sideways" RAM Banks. It uses the 65C12 Processor and the 1770 Floppy disc controller. All other hardware in both models is the same in both models. The only other addition to the Master 128 model is the use of 50 bytes of CMOS RAM and the Realtime Clock.

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Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v4.11 04/18/2011 Binary 3.74 MB Download
v4.13 04/19/2011 3.98 MB Download
v4.14 10/05/2018 4.34 MB Download

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