a Sony - PlayStation Emulator on the Android platform

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One of the two best PSX emulators for the Android OS. Unfortunately, this emulator is in limbo right now; having recently been removed from the Android Market (by Google), where it originally cost $4.99, its creator, ZODTTD, then released the emulator for free (including the source), but it's since re-appeared on the Android Market, under a different author's name. However, this new release has gotten almost unanimously TERRIBLE reviews, and seems to be broken in several ways. Making matters worse, ZODTTD has removed all files from his site as well, leaving only broken links and no explanation...and leading many to speculate that he is the 'new' author on the Android Market (though this doesn't explain why the newest version is so terrible).

Nonetheless, this is a great emulator, and in case it ever returns, it's noted here. Keep an eye on the website.

Author's website:


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