Nintendo - GameBoy Emulators

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Name Description
AmiGameBoy A very good GameBoy emulator based on the code from AmiMSX2. Although not quite as good as Wzonka-Lad overall, it can be faster on some systems. This used to require registration, but is now freeware and open source.
AmigaVGB A port of Marat's emulator, VGB, to Amiga. Specifically, this was ported from the Unix version because the other available port wasn't working properly on the author's computer.
AmigaVGB PPC Another port of VGB, this one to the PPC.
GBE GBE has been deprecated, later continued and re-written as GBE+. An Amiga port of GBE+ was not pursued.
GBUK One of the first Amiga emulators, but certainly not the best. It has no sound emulation.
Wzonka-Lad This is the best GameBoy emulator for Amiga, but it's shareware.

Nintendo - GameBoy Emulators on Other Platforms

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