Turbo68K(Formerly Gential68K)

a 68000 Emulator on the Windows platform

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A Motorola 68000 processor emulation library for Intel x86 (and compatible) processors, Turbo68K. Originally developed for the Genital project, Turbo68K is now available to the public. Not only is it fast, being optimized for Pentiums and in assembly language, but it is also accurate.

Genital68K is known as Turbo68K, but has been discontinued. The author recommends A68K if a faster emulator is needed.

Author's website: http://www.trzy.org/

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
0.6 Debugger 01/19/02 19.03 KB Download
0.6 Download 01/19/02 61.17 KB Download

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