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Reaper man

You could do something like this...:


interesting idea, but you need to make the "glow" smaller. It clipping the borders like that looks a bit ugly, IMHO

Reaper man

Since this site has risen back from the dead, I've decided to make an official introduction thread. I'll be merging all the intro threads to this one so that they'll all be in a nice, neat place.

EDIT: Merging done... I just wish I could change the time stamp on here so that this post is first ;/
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I don't know if I actually did introduce myself. Name's Marcos, I'm 25, I used to be a staffer in 2001 IIRC. Hope to have a smooth ride and that you also have a pleasant stay.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm Portuguese :) (I don't like to be mistaken)


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Thanks as well :p

My turn for introductions.

My name is Dylan, I have been lurking around zophar's since... well when I first got into emulation! I believe this was around 2002 or so... I had also just gotten a ps2. I joined the forums last year sometime, and it's been great. I'm actually 17 now.

I'm into all kinds of gaming, My favorite system that I liked the most the day I got it was the Dreamcast, it also got me into browsing the internet. My most played system has to be my snes though, good times with that.

I also play bass guitar, I was in a band with some friends called "Panzr." My main thing in life is video developing, it's something I like to do and I'm good at.

I have a stronger interest in emulating the classicsbecause I have always liked emulation on the go. I remember first trying snesadvance on... my gba.
I currrentl;y use a psp for all my emulators to go. :p

a little off-subject... has anyone tried the new GP2x? the F-200? I'm interested in gettign one, but I haven't heard much about it..



I'm Haoie, I used to be an avid fan of Zophar's until the shutdown.

So it's nice to see it alive again. Woot.


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A lot (maybe most) of you know me already, but I'm SpaceTiger. I've been around ZD in one form or another since ~1999 and have been a staffer since 2003. In the latest reincarnation of ZD, I'll be a "Content Manager" and will probably be working behind the scenes, for the most part, updating emulators, utilities, and such. If there's any particular section or emulator that you want to see updated in the database, please send me a PM and let me know (try to avoid filling the news queue with old updates).


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LOL puduhead. BTW what happened to your mario-themed sig? I had a special feeling for it.

Man, I guess you're right. Here we go...

*edit: looks kinda big on this sleek new board. Maybe it outta be resized to about 70%. What do you think?
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Anyone remember when the website of the site was or was it
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