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I'm new here. But not new elsewhere. I don't know for sure, but I guess I'm part of the Zophar staff, if not just one of the original supporters. Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself. So hi.
Well, I guess we're in similar boats. I really can't say I'm new here; I've had an old account on the wwwthreads, but I really never posted with it, and I've been a fan of Zophar's Domain since the early 2000's, if I recall.

So, without fany further blabbing, welcome!
Yeah, I was never a long-time-ago ZD Forumer, but I loved the site itself and visited it often. Mainly because it was the only site that I could find at the time that had mac emulators, and a rather extensive archive of game music files.
I appreciate the warm welcome, guys.
Hey, guys. I loved ZD way back in the day too, but never really visited the forums. I hope the site can finally regain its glory, although that certainly is a lot of glory to regain!

My Name's Andrew. I signed up to help around my favorite Emulator/Utilities site, ZD. I hope to be active for a goooooood long time, and help bring ZD back from the grave.
Hi there. Let's start with stating the obvious - I am new to these forums. There. Now we can avoid any foolish mistakes (whatever they may be).

My name is Sam. I do have a full time job, so I won't be hanging around very, VERY regularly (that means I won't have it open in a window open ALL day), but I will be here as much as possible. I may be able to log on at work if I have no patients or any other kind of work. If I'm not mistaken, I may be helping out around here pretty soon (I like to do my bit for the web while I have some free time).

So, let's get started. Does anyone here remember 'Night Court'? I used to receive tapes from I friend up in the US (he always recorded them when they were on), but I can't get the any of the two DVDs over here (though I can try and order one off, as there is a company that specializes in importing those kinds of things over here to England).

Anyway, hello. If anyone's curious, the '94' in my username is both the year I acquired my medical degree (no questions about that - I'm bored of people testing me on the web, either you believe it or you don't), and the year I got married to my wonderful wife Emily. A VERY special year for me.

Long time ZMDer here too. Been here since 1996, with different usernames. In 2001, after watching the "Fight Club", I've decided to use Cornellius, which I've been using since then.

The new forum looks nice, and I hope that my friends on the old board will come here.

Well, keep up the good work.

Edman is awesome.

the forums haven't looked this good since, well, ever.

I missed this place. and the people in it.
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I may as well post something here too. Long time forum-goer, once was a mod under a different nick many moons ago (not sure if any will remember, besides Richter X or Cornellius). Nice to see the forums looking like this, I don't think we'll have the same issues here as the old forums have these days. :)
Alright then.....

So here I am, to bring back Zophar from the dead. It's been way too long, no offense though. ^_^

I would apply for everything, but my knowledge about emulation only goes so far. So yea. Anyway, I can do the forums, and make you guys some guides on how to start emu's and such. Not that hard.

Since I'm not working right now I've got plenty of time to test new versions of emulators, or keep track on new releases and such.

What else should I apply for?? Erm, no idea, cheats maybe??

Feels great to see Zophar return. ^_^
im with ya on that one ^_^ im also here to help breath a little life back into a dying legend kinda like metal gear solid 4! only im not snake hehe.
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