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Taloon's Great Adventure

SNES Translation in English

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Taloon's Great Adventure is a SuperFamicom spin-off of the Famicom classic, Dragon Quest IV. There, Taloon first appeared in his own chapter, then later joined the Hero's intrepid band of adventurers prior to the final assault against Necrosaro. In the introductory chapter, however, Taloon soon becomes weary of working for a lazy shopkeeper in a one-horse-town, so, he waves goodbye to his comely wife and spirited young son, then ventures off into the wilderness with a dream of becoming the world's pre-eminent arms merchant.

Author: Dynamic Designs (D-D)

Author's website: http://www.dynamic-designs.us/index.shtml

Completion: 99%

Genre: Random Dungeon Crawler


Name Description Filesize
Patch file Patch version .99 Requires a headered rom with a CRC32 of 654E1BE4 and 1.576.960 bytes in size. Caveats The Bonus Dungeon Naming Bug: The game consists of three separate dungeon scenarios: (1) The Trial Dungeon (2) the Main Dungeon (3) the Bonus Dungeon In the Bonus Dungeon, initially found medicines and scrolls are not labeled with their usual nomenclatures, as they were in the first two dungeons, but instead given the temporary names of colors and animals. Part of Taloons's increased challenge in the Bonus Dungeon is to identify the function of these mysterious new items. This can be done by experimentation through random usage, or in the usual way by reading Identity Scrolls (once he has properly identified those mysterious items!). As an interim step, the developers designed a (re)naming feature, but using it freezes the game, at present. The workaround, for now, is to bypass the naming feature and use just the other two techniques. Once an item has been identified, the effect will remain permanent for the remainder of Bonus Dungeon scenario. 79.70 KB

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