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Microsoft - XBOX Emulators

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Name Description
Cxbx This is the first and infamous first emulator of the Microsoft XBOX by Caustik, Koitsu, and Kingofc. It is just now showing signs of playing retail games. Given the history of these things, who knows what's going to happen with this emulator. The Cxbx team has worked hard on this program for a long time now (about a year according to the version history) even though it's just now starting to get wide recognitionThe Cxbx "Trace" build contains oodles of additional debug output. You
can either redirect output to the debug console(s), or to a file.
DXBX Delphi port of CXBX
Xeon The very first XBOX emulator to run a commercial game, Halo. Authors description: Xeon is an X-Box emulator for the PC. Currently it supports one commercial game, and support for more will be added in the future along with other features. Requirements: Windows XP DirectX 9.0a Pentium 3/Athlon XP processor Recommended graphics card: GeForce FX/Radeon 9200 Pro or higher