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Lennus II

SNES Translation in English

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Dynamic Designs's Lennus-II patch, a much lauded work, is a true sequel to Paladin's Quest, but stands alone quite well. Those of us who have worked on this translation project through the years are convinced it is one of the best all time SNES/Super Famicom RPGs. Players who enjoyed Paladin's Quest years ago tell us that Lennus-II definitely delivers the RPG goods! Its storyline is much deeper than some reviewers of the Japanese version have indicated, causing me to ponder if those individuals were actually fluent in that language. Near its conclusion, Lennus-II presents an intriguing plot twist. Its theme is mature, and I suggest that people who neither played nor enjoyed Paladin's Quest view it separately.

Author: Dynamic Designs (D-D)

Author's website: http://www.dynamic-designs.us/index.shtml

Completion: 100%

Genre: RPG


Name Description Filesize
Patch file Patch Version 1.04 Requires a headerless rom of 4,194,304 bytes in size. Caveat A possible bug has been reported by a few players that may force resetting an advanced game. *SPOILER* One major task in Lennus-II is to gather eight seals. If you gather only seven of these seals, however, and for some reason are able to access a pedestal room at Petro's Castle in the vast walled Nigel complex on Planet Eltz, under NO circumstances should you place only seven of these seals in the pedestals. If you do, the game will not advance. Instead, look for Petro after you have gathered seven of the seals, and he will open the way for you to seek the eighth seal. Only with all eight seals in your tool bag will the game allow you to advance. 276.88 KB

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