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TableMaker Relative like TranslationStation was coded in Visual Basic 6.0. It sports a super easy to use User Interface as well a way to make table files ultra fast for SNES/NES/TG16/ETC for romhacking/translation and *NO* it doesnt search relative, it places table values relativily! TableMaker Relative even supports single characters, dte, and kanji table file entry! Many features included like you can change where in the font table the table set in the table order begins by giving a hex address to jump to(ie. 42, 20, 00). You can also specify the starting address of where the table begins so relative entry can be placed correctly.

Operating System: Win9x

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Download 09/24/99 13.96 KB Download


Jacob says:
when trying to download this utility, and open it with winrar I got a message saying that the "component COMDLG32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid," I'm not very computer savvy and may have missed a step or otherwise fucked it up. If anyone has any info i'd be interested, though it is 20 years old so I'll probably just find a newer alternative that works for me. Best of luck to anyone else downloading.

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