Table Creation Utilities

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Name Description
Dark Tabler Utility that creates tables for translating ROMs.
NihilTbl NihilTbl is a clone of TaBuLar, except it's for DOS. It can do everything TaBuLar can do.
Table Auto Generator An easy to use and make Table file creator.
Table Manager Table Manager is an easy to use table creator. It supports two-byte characters, japanese characters, and tables from Hexposure and Thingy. It also has a great interface. A Portuguese version is availible at the web page.
TableMaker Relative TableMaker Relative like TranslationStation was coded in Visual Basic 6.0. It sports a super easy to use User Interface as well a way to make table files ultra fast for SNES/NES/TG16/ETC for romhacking/translation and *NO* it doesnt search relative, it places table values relativily! TableMaker Relative even supports single characters, dte, and kanji table file entry! Many features included like you can change where in the font table the table set in the table order begins by giving a hex address to jump to(ie. 42, 20, 00). You can also specify the starting address of where the table begins so relative entry can be placed correctly.
TaBuLar TaBuLar is a file editor for windows. TaBuLar supports both Thingy and Hexposure file formats, and can open table files that have already been created, so it's easy to go back and make changes. This feature also makes for painless Thingy-to-Hexposure and Hexposure-to-Thingy conversions. It requires the VB5 runtime files, available here.
Unix Rendered Instant Tabler Unix Rendered Instant Tabler is a simple table making utility for Unix. It's coded in Perl and is based on Jair's Table Maker.