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SPCPlay is a music player for SNES saved states, coded in 100% 32 bit assembly. It can play music from either a standard save state generated by ZSNES (.ZS*), or an SPC saved state (.SPC).

Author's website: http://zsnes.zophar.net/archives.html

Operating System: DOS (any version)

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v0.700 6/6/2000 51.45 KB Download


Person says:
Apparently Windows10 can no not run this even with WOW64

Person above me is a moron says:
It works even on Windows 10 with no problems.

Person above is moron says:
Can no not run in Windows 11, defender alert

Guest 12 says:
SNES SPC700 Player
spcplay - https://github.com/dgrfactory/spcplay

Download - https://github.com/dgrfactory/spcplay/releases

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